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When a loved one is gone, only memories remain us, comforting sources ... but so fragile .

Scanepitaphe was designed in order to perpetuate the memories and share them with loved ones.

Scanepitaphe allows you to create , for your loved ones , free and customizable space , place of collection and memory. Through text, images , videos or sound files , you rewrite the history of your family , you give it back to life memories.

Scanepitaphe also offers the possibility , if you wish , to be a place of exchange and sharing. The family members are now often geographically separated. Scanepitaphe has been designed so that each member of a family or circle of relatives could react to the content and thus share their own memories . Anxious of the privacy of its users Scanepitaphe offers the ability to restrict access to personalized spaces and forbids advertising on the site.

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You could protect your page with a password to limit the access
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Respect for privacy

Each user is free to set up access to individual pages he created. It is thus possible to restrict access with a password. At any time, you can close your account and delete all of your content.

No advertising

Place of worship and memory, no advertising is present on Scanepitaphe . Similarly , all advertising from users is prohibited.


Registration for Scanepitaphe is free. You can create as many individual pages as you like and manage share with friends.